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By Gerry Rodriguez for MMA SPORTS®

With 30 fights to his resume and over ten years in the sport, Sean Loeffler, has waited for his turn on the big stage. Loeffler is scheduled to face Buddy Roberts at UFC on Fuel, as both men look to make an impact in the very tough Middleweight division. MMA SPORTS had a chance to talk with the very outspoken and fun natured… Loeffler.

MMA SPORTS: You're taking on Buddy Roberts this Wednesday, both of you are making your UFC debuts. How familiar are you with his style and where do you give yourself the advantage over him?
Loeffler: Experience. He's been fighting since 2007. He looks like a decent wrestler, I know he's been training with the Greg Jackson camp for the last year and that's good. I've been fighting since 1999 and I've been a brown belt for 8 years. He might be a decent wrestler, but we'll see. I know I hit harder, he's got TKO's, but I got a lot of knockouts, he has the rear naked chokes and I have about 12 different submissions. We'll see what he's got.

MMA SPORTS: Let's fast forward to the end of your fight with Roberts. You've just gotten the “W” over him. Do you call someone out? If so, who?
Loeffler: I haven't really thought about any of the other guys in the middleweight division. That's for Joe Silva to decide. I'm a rookie in the UFC and I don't want to offend anybody. I'm a respectful guy, I'll talk shit all day but I'm very respectful. I trust him (Joe Silva), he's the best match-maker in the world. When you're in the UFC, this is the cream of the crop, no matter who you fight it's a tough fight.

MMA SPORTS: Chael Sonnen has always been really outspoken, and in Josh Koscheck's last fight he pretty much did a heel turn by telling the fans he could careless if they boo him and that he's fighting for himself. Would it be fair to say we can expect you to be cut from the same cloth as both of those guys?
Loeffler: I'll always say what's on my mind. I think they rub the media the wrong way so at this point in their careers they can say “F you to everyone”. Chael is my idol when it comes to trash talking. Josh, it's unfortunate you know how they edit things, they made him look kind of a bully type guy. I don't think I'll rub the media the wrong way. I'm a pretty good natured good.

MMA SPORTS: I heared that you're a Nick Diaz fan. Did you get a chance to watch his last fight and what were your thoughts on it? Did you agree with the decision?
Loeffler: Absolutely not! Nick Diaz won 4 of those rounds. Carlos Condit won the 4th round. Good for him. Nick Diaz won the 1st round easily. Second round he bitch slapped Carlos. I don't know how you run around after you're bitch slapped. Third round was pretty close, I think Nick coasted a little bit. Fourth round Carlos won. Fifth round Nick took him down, took his back, went for a RNC, transitioned to kimura, transitioned to armbar, transitioned back to RNC and then for a leg lock... I don't know how you give that round to Carlos. He trains with Buddy Roberts and ever since I saw that fight, I've been doing so much running on the treadmill. I just assume that's how they train over there and that I'll have to be chasing him around.

MMA SPORTS: Is it true that you once wrestled Shaquile O'neal?
Loeffler: When he was with the Lakers, he would go to the gym with his coach and practice free throws. I was a smart-ass kid. I told my wrestling buddies I was going to mess with Shaq. I yelled, “Kazam was the best movie ever, NOT!” He turned around and shot me a look. Then he shot a free throw and I yelled “You can't rap!” Then I see this 300lb guy running towards me and he picks me up over the shoulder and puts me down on the wrestling mat. He tells me “listen little man, I rap, I can act, and I can wrestle”, and we started wrestling. He ended up inviting me to his house and I called my dad to come pick me up, and my dad didn't even want to know how I ended up there. Shaq was real cool.

MMA SPORTS: You have a management company that you started called Manufractured Fighting Factions. Can you tell me how that came about and how its going?
Loeffler: Things are going amazing. I was misguided when I was younger. I started fighting at 17 and decided a couple of years back to help some of these guys out. A lot of the managers will throw their guys to the wolves just to get a pay day. I want to try and guide some of these guys the right way. It's flourished a bit. Some of the guys that fought in the UFC were dropped by the UFC. So I can piggy back off that. I'm not saying I'm some high level company, I just have guys that are trying to come up and I sign one fight at a time. I only charge 10% which is nothing. I pay for my gas, I buy the tape and gauze and pay for my meals and corner them. By the time it's all said and done, I'm down 18 bucks.

MMA SPORTS: Have you given any thought as to how long you want to fight and how you'll spend your time when you're retired?
Loeffler: I'd love to work with the UFC or do some movies and work in show business. I'd like to do some Haywire or Scorpion King type stuff. I'd like to make my money too. I can remember a line or two. Working with the UFC people this past week has been great. They are so gracious and I have some ideas I think can help their company out. I'd love to stay involved in the industry in some way.

MMA SPORTS: Last question... if you could recommend a bad ass tv show for everyone to watch, what show would it be?
Loeffler: Swamp people. I can't not get enough of that show. They speak English, but they are so backwoods that I can't understand what they're saying. These guys get so excited when they catch a gator on the line. That's my new thing.

MMA SPORTS: Thanks for taking the time and best of luck to you.
Loeffler: No problem. I want to give a shout out to Paradigm Sports Management and Compound MMA, Booster, Headrush and everyone who's stuck by me through all of this.

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